I love this place the best food in Lynchburg!!! Hands Down
Great food... very flavorful love it
Never had a complaint or disappoint from them I’ve been ordering and eating since the day they started I love it!
Delicious! I saw this small food truck on my way to Wendy's (right across the street.) I quickly made a u-turn & headed over to try this place. Wasn't sure if it was open or not so I went to the window (side closest to the street) and the lady told me they were open. Everything on the menu sounded good but I like to keep it simple when I try a place for the first time. I wanted to try the curry chicken & the jerk chicken but didn't want to get 2 meals. Lucky for me I didn't have to because they had a combo which included the jerk and curry ($15). All combos come with cabbage and rice. I also ordered a side of plantains (3 for $1) and 2 orders of coco bread ($3 each). The lady informed me that her microwave fell so she wasn't able to heat the coco bread up for me. But that was no biggie because I heated it when I got home. Curry Chicken: OMG SO GOOD. The cabbage and the rice with the beans and potatoes melt in your mouth. If I would've known how good it was I would've gotten the curry chicken alone. Very flavorful and not spicy (I'm not a fan of spicy.) It took everything in me to stop eating lol. Jerk Chicken: They put either a mild or spicy bbq sauce on it so for me it tasted like a spicy bbq chicken. Definitely has the HEAT of jerk chicken so if you like spicy then you'll like it. Plantains: I'm used to the Dominican plantains which are much bigger & softer, but these were thinly sliced and still pretty soft. Not complaining because they were still good & she cooks them fresh so they took a little longer to be served. I didn't mind because I enjoy fresh food. Definitely was not disappointed. Coco Bread: Yummy! Not too sweet and very soft. And you get a big piece. Overall WONDERFUL. They had the Jamaican music playing through their sound system to create the ambiance, didn't mind waiting for the hot food and she let me pay for my meal after it was done. I truly feel like I ate out of somebody's kitchen in their home. No hours were posted so not sure when they are open. They also DELIVER for a $4 fee! FINALLY a good Jamaican place in Lynchburg!
I tried oxtails for the first time in January....and now I've had it about 6 times in a month! Try this spot!!